Uptrend is Outlined on the Global Phenol Market

15 Jun 2010 • by Natalie Aster
Uptrend is Outlined on the Global Phenol Market
Uptrend is outlined on the global Phenol market, in 2010 the market will generally see demand increase, major part of it attributed to Asia.

In 2008 production output shrank due to the recession and amounted 7.2 mln tons. In 2009 relative improvement of the market was estimated for major regions, apart from the USA where the market showed a decline of 20% compared to 2008. The overall global production capacity was counted to reach 11.2 mln tons per year.

Three leading Phenol producers are the USA, Taiwan and China. The leading region is Asia (40% of the total production capacity), followed by Europe (30.17%) and North America (26.7%).

The largest world Phenol and Acetone producer is INEOS Phenol (annual production capacity is 1.87 mln tons). It has plants situated in Germany, Belgium, the USA (Alabama).

In the next years the output of this product will increase, following the rising demand on the Phenol market. The production increase is projected to reach 1% annually, later in the forecast period – up to 2.9% - 3.8%. assuming that all the planned projects are implemented, the total production capacity will rise by 4 mln tons per year by 2015. Major portion will be accounted for by the Asian region, it’ll retain its leadership in demand and increase production.

Phenol demand and supply will be harmonized, however, analysts forecast a small deal of supply overbalance. Major consuming regions are Asian countries (incl. Japan; 10%), the USA (25%) and Western Europe (26%).

Phenol consumption will rise in the near future. Highest increase will come from Bisphenol A and Phenolic-formaldehyde Resin sectors. Consumption of Caprolactam will also be on the rise.

Phenol is considered to be on of the major large-capacity materials. 45% of Phenol is used for Bisphenol A production (used further for Polycarbonate), 28% - for Phenolic-formaldehyde Resin, 12% of Phenol turns by hydrogenation into Cylohexanol, used to get artificial fibres (Nylon, Capron).

More information on global Phenol market may be found in the report Phenol: 2010 World Market Outlook And Forecast recently published by TD The Market Publishers, Ltd.


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