Global Carbon Policy Handbook 2010 - Policies Driving the Growth of Carbon Trading Markets

14 Jun 2010 • by Natalie Aster
Global Carbon Policy Handbook 2010 - Policies Driving the Growth of Carbon Trading Markets

The carbon market will grow significantly beyond 2012 due to the EU’s initiatives to build worldwide carbon trading mechanisms, the prospective US Federal cap-and-trade program and the strong emergence of other regional market trading mechanisms.

Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRCEES) Launched by Britain Bolsters the UK’s Carbon Trading Markets In April 2010, Britain announced the new CRCEES, a mandatory scheme for 5,000 companies to evaluate, assess and report energy usage and carbon emissions. The scheme is being introduced to reduce 4 million tonnes of GHG emissions and achieve GBP 1 billion in corporate savings from electricity bills.

The report "Global Carbon Policy Handbook 2010 - Policies Driving the Growth of Carbon Trading Markets" by GlobalData provides an in-depth analysis on the carbon policy initiatives by the European Union (EU), the US, Canada, Australia and other developed and developing economies. The report details the regional climate change initiatives and the Kyoto Protocol and its mechanisms. It also provides an analysis on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) projects. The report provides an overview on various carbon registries, carbon exchanges and the major companies participating in the carbon trade. The report provides the latest information on the value, volume and price of the emissions traded in project-based mechanisms such as CDM, JI and secondary CDM, and allowance markets such as the EU Emission Trading System (ETS), New South Wales Exchange, Chicago Climate Exchange, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and Assigned Amount Units (AAUs). The report provides a forecast of the carbon market up to 2020.

Report Information

Global Carbon Policy Handbook 2010 - Policies Driving the Growth of Carbon Trading Markets
Published: Jan 2010
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This report will provide you with...

  • Impact assessment of the carbon policies in the US, the European Union (EU), Canada, Australia and Asia Pacific regions on the world carbon trading markets.
  • Carbon trading value from 2010-2020
  • Key carbon regulations and policies at regional level in the US and unified carbon regulatory framework in the EU and their impact on the growth of global carbon trading market.
  • Analyzes the regional policy instruments in the US and Asia Pacific regions, which will drive the global carbon trading markets.
  • Review of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in the Asia Pacific and Sub-Saharan regions in 2009
  • Details on various Kyoto mechanisms, identifying potential markets by navigating the policy landscape worldwide from 2005-2012.
  • Key data and information on the volume and market value of carbon allowances, covering both project-based transactions and allowance-based transactions from 2004-09.
  • Historic pricing trends for carbon in various exchanges and project-based transactions from 2004-09.
  • Analyzes market-based instruments such as certifications and standards used in carbon trading in 2009.
  • Overview on investment firms, infrastructure and energy service providers, advisory companies, financial firms, brokerage firms, carbon solution providers and other auditing firms participating in carbon trade.
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