ZeaChem Develops Bio-based Acetic Acid

18 Feb 2010 • by Natalie Aster

US firm ZeaChem has produced bio-based acetic acid glacial acetic acid, pure enough for sale.

Using the broth produced in fermentation runs, the company said it has used an existing process called solvent extraction.

Esterification technology is used for converting acetic acid into ethyl acetate.

ZeaChem aims to scale to a commercial biorefinery upon successful operations at its 250,000 gallon-per-year facility, which is proposed to be built in Boardman, Oregon.

Global demand for acetic acid is 14.3 billion pounds per year and US production capacity is nearly 6 billion pounds per year with sales of approximately $1bn.

Acetic acid is saleable to various manufacturing industries for the production of film, bottles and fibres.

Source: chemicals-technology.com

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