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05 Feb 2010 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Global annual polycarbonate demand growth is forecast to slow to around 5% between 2009-2015, from historical growth rates of around 7-8%. Key optical data storage application will continue falling as it's superseded by other data storage options, losing its leading position to the electronics/electrical sector.

Sharp growth in demand from Blu-ray players and personal computers, which is fueling triple-digit growth rates, will lighten the rate of decline. A steady growth is expected for film and automotive applications. Polycarbonate application in car windscreens remains a key target. Much of the new capacity is expected to serve local large volume, low-grade markets (packaging, water bottles).

Polycarbonate is a high quality engineering plastic with a unique combination of properties including strength, lightness, durability, high transparency, heat resistance. Polycarbonate is extensively used in optical data storage applications (e.g. CDs, DVDs), safety equipment and lightweight, transparent roofing in building and construction, found in medical devices, electronics equipment, computer housings, cars, etc.

Within Chemicals & Petrochemicals Reports Package 2010, an updated market report “Polycarbonate: 2010 World Market Outlook And Forecast” has been recently issued at MarketPublishers.com

The report provides a thorough polycarbonate market analysis:

  • General information (properties, applications, manufacturing processes);
  • World market characteristics (capacities, production, consumption, prices, trade by region, future projects);
  • Overviews of regional markets by country (European, Asian, American, Middle East, African, Oceanian markets).

The research is accomplished by a list of major polycarbonate suppliers and profiles of leading producers. Polycarbonate market perspectives till 2015 are given on global and regional basis.

Polycarbonate: 2010 World Market Outlook And Forecast

The research on polycarbonate was worked out by Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd, an internationally recognized research agency, specializing in chemical industry. “Polycarbonate: 2010 World Market Outlook And Forecast”.

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