INEOS ChlorVinyls to Make Investments in Chloromethane Assets

02 Dec 2010 • by Natalie Aster

INEOS ChlorVinyls said it will make fresh investments in its chloromethane assets at its Roncorn site in Cheshire, UK.

The multi-million pound investment is expected to run through the next five years, aimed at replacing an ageing asset and upgrading the existing ancillary plant.

The investment decision follows a series of long-term contractual agreements for enhancing production at the plant.

INEOS ChlorVinyls business director Ashley Reed said that the investment will help in securing a significant portion of the chlorine output at the site.

"The size and scale of the assets at Runcorn ensure that we remain a strongly competitive producer of chlorinated derivatives to our customers in all our chosen markets," Reed said.

Specific investment details have not been disclosed.



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