Frozen Food Market in Ukraine is Fostered to Grow by Many Objective Factors

26 Nov 2009 • by Natalie Aster

Frozen food market in Ukraine is fostered to grow by many objective factors. Despite all economic hardships of transitional period, the Ukrainians' welfare grows and they continue to embrace the trend towards healthier eating and buy vegetables and fruit the whole year round (GDP per head in 2008: $3,307, PPP: $9370; GDP per head in 2007: $2,200, PPP: $8230; GDP per head in 2001: $642).

The Ukrainians are getting busier with no additional time to make home-made pickled garden produce, popular in the Soviet times.

According to evaluations made by manufacturers, the Ukrainians prefer frozen vegetables and frozen vegetable mixtures (they include meat, cereals, groats, etc) which account for 60- 70% of all vegetable and fruit sales. Monoproducts accounted for approximately 30%, fruit – 5%.

In 2008, the import of frozen vegetables exceeded 80% of all frozen foodstuffs. Frozen vegetable mixtures and frozen peas and beans shared 64.2%.

More details on citrus fruit market in Australia can be found in “Frozen Vegetables Market in Ukraine: Business Report 2009”


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