The market of the frozen bread and bakery products to be still remaining attractive

09 Nov 2009 • by Natalie Aster

The experts of Information Agency «CredInform – North-West consider that the Russian market of the frozen bread and bakery products is on stage of formation and is rather young. But, taking into account gradual falling of demand for fresh bread and profitability of basic business, undertaken anti-recessionary measures, growth of interest to the frozen grain products from sector of public catering and a hotel economy (HoReCa), and also mini bakeries, fast food, households, development of network distribution, it is possible to tell about the further given market development during next years.

So, for all considered period the frozen bread market capacity has shown positive growth. Hardly smaller indicator of the market volume growth is noted on a frozen bakery products segment (half-finished products of dough and a product of it).

Finished goods like frozen bread, and also frozen basis for pizza, frozen dough, various half-finished dough products, are in a greater degree realized in the markets and supermarkets of different price categories in the Russian cities.

The frozen dough half-finished products had been a mass product for restaurants rather recently. In the world exists about 300 kinds of given products. In the Russian market it is presented more than 100 kinds, out of them 10 are the most universal and popular, the others – a narrow orientation.

According to experts, it is concentrated 5 large operators on the market of the frozen bread and bakery production and they occupy 50 % of the Russian market. On a share of others 10 operators is about 35 % of the market.

The potential basis for frozen bread products manufacture, basically, is enterprises of the baking industry. As a rule bakery products are produced in two regions: in Central and Privolzhsky federal districts.