Al-Waha Starts up Propane Dehydrogenation Unit

28 Oct 2009 • by Natalie Aster

Al-Waha Petrochemical Company has successfully started up its new complex in Al-Jubail Industrial City which includes a 450 KT per year polypropylene plant based on LyondellBasell’s Spherizone process technology. Al-Waha was formed in 2006 and is a joint venture between Sahara Petrochemicals Company and LyondellBasell.

“By joining forces, we have developed a world-class complex with integrated Middle East-advantaged production costs and a highly competitive mix of polypropylene products in close proximity to our target markets of KSA, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East,” said Omar Bahobail, president of Al-Waha. “With LyondellBasell’s advanced polypropylene technology and its global marketing capabilities, this joint venture will maintain a robust and profitable operation in an increasingly challenging industry.”

World’s largest Spherizone process plant

The largest of its kind in the world, Al-Waha’s Spherizone polypropylene plant will supply customers with products exhibiting a range of properties and performance attributes unmatched in the industry.

“Our joint venture brings global benchmark LyondellBasell polypropylene grades to our target markets offering significant performance advantages,” explained Mitchell Killeen, Divisional vice president of LyondellBasell polypropylene and polyethylene business for Africa, Middle East and Indian sub-continent. “Spherizone process resins will enable our customers to access new applications and markets with products that deliver superior value.” Applications to be targeted include tapes to produce woven fabrics, injection molded products, and film.

At a later stage, Al-Waha will also supply grades used in fiber and nonwoven applications, and a wide range of random copolymers used in consumer and packaging applications. Pipe producers also will benefit from industry-leading Spherizone polypropylene resins used in high-performance pipe applications.

Source: Lyondell Chemical Company

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