LyondellBasell Supply Polycarbonate Alternative for Architectural Applications

25 Sep 2009 • by Natalie Aster

Stylepark design network has selected metallocene-based Pristene resins from LyondellBasell Industries for its ninth Stylepark Material Edition, a selection of plastics and other materials recommended for use in applications historically the domain of polycarbonate.

"LyondellBasell is the first polyolefins supplier we are cooperating with," said Christian Gartner, Chief Executive Officer of Stylepark, located in Frankfurt, Germany. "This is due to the outstanding mechanical properties of Pristene resins, making them highly suitable for a wide range of design-oriented applications in building and construction."

With its Material Editions, Stylepark provides designers and material enthusiasts with a new way of accessing materials. The company acts as curator and intermediary for the creative industry by providing a platform for research and evaluation of contemporary design. Its service is aimed at architects and product, interior and other types of designers, as well as end users interested in design.

Potential to replace polycarbonate

Conceived by Stylepark and created with the support of LyondellBasell experts, the Material Edition features a variety of material samples that illustrate the translucency, colors and surfaces offered by Pristene resins. "Today, a large portion of metallocene-based resins are used in the packaging industry," said Gartner. "Only a very small portion of these resins is used in areas such as building and construction, which is of particular interest to us and to the creative industry. As we believe that Pristene resins offer significant potential, we are offering this edition to designers and architects who are interested in broadening the range of materials they use in interior design."

Stylepark design experts are recommending Pristene resins for use in numerous design-orientated applications, such as bathrooms. "Due to their mechanical properties, Pristene resins can be considered for use in shower cubicles and other applications typically produced using polycarbonate and requiring improved flowability, transparency and chemical resistance in the bathroom," said Bernd Schutz, LyondellBasell's Marketing Manager for metallocene-based products. "In electronic devices, designers might consider transparent and amorphous polymers, as this area has been dominated by overdesigned solutions produced using polycarbonate." The Material Edition is also targeting cosmetic packaging due to the resins' outstanding brilliance and processability, enabling customers to create complex packaging designs.

The Material Edition contains a wide variety of surface textures produced with Pristene resins, which can be used in back injection molding of textiles as well as in abrasion-proof surface finishes. "Pristene resins are easy to process, and the Material Edition demonstrates the innovative opportunities that the materials offer designers," said Schutz. "Our cooperation with Stylepark will assist our customers in providing new design ideas for the creative market."


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