REACH Consortia Announced for Selenium, Tellurium and Compounds

23 Sep 2010 • by Natalie Aster

Two REACH registration consortia have been announced for selenium and tellurium and their compounds:

  • Selenium: Selenium, Precious Metal concentrate, Dibismuth triselenide, Copper selenide, Dicopper selenide,Disilver selenide,Zinc selenide, Selenious acid, Sodium selenite, Sodium hydrogenselenite, Barium selenite, Zinc selenite, Sodium selenate, Barium selenate, Potassium selenate, Selenium dioxide, Selenium disulphide,Lead selenide, Mercury selenide.
  • Tellurium:Tellurium, Copper telluride, Dicopper telluride,Disilver telluride,Lead telluride, Disodium trioxotellurite, Orthotelluric acid, Tellurium dioxide, Leach residues, tellurium, Slags, tellurium.



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