Caustic Soda Industry in 2009: Exports, Prices, Behavior of Major Markets

28 Jul 2009 • by Natalie Aster

Prices for caustic soda plummeted in America in the aftermath of the economic downturn, while caustic soda price drop in China was less dramatic. As a result, US caustic soda buyers are now more tempted to buy local products, which in turn lead to the decrease in China’s caustic soda exports to its lowest level in 30 months.

Unexpectedly US caustic soda producers obtained a competitive advantage over their Chinese rivals whose products were traditionally purchased by customers in North and Latin America.

In July 2009, caustic soda export price stood at $120-150/dry metric ton FOB (NE Asia), while US Gulf price plunged below $50/dmt FOB.

Caustic soda plays an important role in many industries such as: pulp and paper, textiles, soaps and detergents, bleach manufacturing, food industry, petroleum products (oil drilling), aluminum, and the chemical processing industry.

More information about caustic soda market can be found in Caustic Soda and Chlorine Market Research and Caustic Soda Market Outlook 2009 issued by Merchant Research & Consulting LTD. The objective of this report is to analyze the global and local potassium fertilizer markets. The report also provides the information on product prices, output, consumption, manufacturers, suppliers, crisis-driven trends, etc.

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