China is the Largest Producer of White Arsenic.

23 Jul 2009 • by Natalie Aster

Arsenic is a toxic semi-metallic element produced and traded chiefly as ‘white arsenic’ (arsenic trioxide). Its principal uses are as compounds in wood preservatives and pesticides. Gallium arsenide is used in semi-conductors whilst arsenic metal has a number of minor uses.

China is the largest producer of white arsenic. In 2007, China produced 25,000 t of arsenic trioxide and remained the world’s leading producer followed by Chile, Morocco, and Peru. Arsenic trioxide is also produced in Mexico at the San Luis Potosi copper smelter. However, the overall Chinese arsenic market has weakened, and some Chinese producers have reduced or halted their production. Arsenic was also produced in China as a byproduct of gold mining from orpiment and realgar, the more common ore minerals of arsenic.

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