The Russian market of radiators for vehicles has a sufficient safety factor under crisis

25 Jun 2009 • by Natalie Aster

Experts of «Information Agency «CredInform North-West» found out that the Russian market of automotive radiators shows uniform and steady development trend over last years (annual average increase 9.86%).

In spite of general recession of new vehicles output in Russia in 2009 development trend of the automotive radiators market as it is supposed will remain. Safety factor of the radiators market is obtained by means of output of new cars and availability of a huge autopark of used vehicles in Russia.

Now the radiators designed for heat exchange maintenance are installed in cooling systems of any vehicles making according to different technologies, for example: Sofico, Nokolok, CuproBraze.

Basic consumers of automotive radiators are industrial sector. Thus, it can be identified a segment of passenger vehicles, track vehicles, buses, agricultural and other machineries by end-use. Output of passenger vehicles in Russia in 2009(1Q) reduced by 63% in comparison with a similar period of previous 2008, output of track vehicles reduced by 75% and as to buses – by 69%.

In Russia different enterprises specialize in production of radiators, component parts for vehicles and transport facilities, somehow: manufacturers of vehicles and spare parts, repair and service enterprises.

It is registered 1431 enterprises in Russia who produce auto parts and accessories of vehicles and their engines. It is possible to mark out 10 leading manufacturers of radiators for vehicles in the market.

The prevailing form of competitive activity between the Russian manufactures of radiators remains a direct competition (pricing).

According to pessimistic prediction a reduction of radiators output will 50% in 2009 with sequential shift of trend line to the top. In the last analysis projected output of automotive radiators will depend on orders from the Russian automobile industry.

In the near-term outlook a demand for radiators will grow under crisis. Consumption of radiators under crisis conditions will be provided not only due to growth of the Russian car factories output volumes and expansions of their goods range but also radiators demand growth by spare parts consumers such as: car repair shops, maintenance service centers, and etc.