Europe Sees Falling HDPE, LDPE Prices, as LLDPE and PP Increase

04 Jun 2009 • by Natalie Aster

Considerable variation in price development between the different classes of standard commodity thermoplastics was seen in Europe in May as per European Plastics News.

Price of LDPE and HDPE blow and injection moulding grades dipped by around €10/ton due to good availability and growing volume of imports. Tighter avails of LLDPE pushed up prices by €10/ton. Polypropylene prices rose by €10-15/ton as C3 costs increased by €23/ton. PVC achieved solid gains with notations up by €30/ton after months of static prices and unsatisfactory margins. PET and polystyrene face continuing cost pressures and posted price increases of €60/ton and €35/ton.

Source: Plastemart