China Domestic Imported Scrap and Pig Iron offer Continued to Rise in Early May

19 May 2009 • by Natalie Aster

At the beginning of May, the international scrap and pig iron markets continued to keep the increasing trend of April and increased by a wide margin.

Scrap and pig iron markets this week appeared $5-15 per ton up. Scrap Markets: Tokyo port uplink HS Price $5 to $300 per ton, H2 price up $10 on the base of $270 per ton; Crushed aggregates of the United States east coast up $15 based on $295 per ton, HMS # 1 price up $15 on the base of $290 per tons, Bonus offer up $15 to $310 per ton. Pig iron markets: Venezuela hot-pressed iron offer up $15 per ton to $275 per tons, the international conversion pig iron up $5 per ton to $300 per ton.

Although the insiders has consistently held that in view of the weary international steel industry for a long term, unpromising increase in the market prices of raw materials, but compared to domestic resources in the same period, international procurement prices significantly lower, making the domestic distributors remains positive to of international resources procurement.

Source: MetalBiz