The Russian market of paid TV hardware is completely depends on import

18 Feb 2009 • by Natalie Aster
Experts of «Information Agency «CredInform North-West» reached such conclusion having made marketing research of the "Russian Market of Satellite and Cable TV Hardware".

There are widely distributed hi-tech studio, cable and satellite equipment in the market of foreign manufacturers from the countries of United Arab Emirates, Korea, Denmark, Holland, France, Canada, Germany. The similar state of things can impose some constraints on distribution and application of different TV equipment among various groups of users and solvent households.

As a whole, to reveal basic Russian manufacturers is a quite complex action. The matter is that manufacturers and suppliers of various hardware elements declare themselves in the most various codes according to the All-Russian qualifier of kinds of economic activities. And in practice the companies are system integrators and/or suppliers of cable, satellite and on-air broadcasting equipment. Besides, majority of participants practically are engaged in resale of various import hardware, carry out installation and setting-up, and also service maintenance (repair).

It is seemed obviously the further development of given market depending on solvent demand in the paid TV market contains a segment of cable TV that integrates considerable number of subscribers (more than 50% of entire market) and a profitable segment of satellite TV. So, capacity of paid TV market in 2008 showed growth at level of 50% at average revenue per user at level about $2 or about $980 million in absolute value.

In near-term outlook the paid digital TV market has a lot going for itself considerably not to suffer from crisis influence because of the «Development concept of television and radio broadcasting in Russia throughout 2008-2015» realization in 3 stages and «Eurovision» organization in Moscow and Winter Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi that will bring about obligatory base hardware modernization.