High cost of living for students

04 Aug 2008 • by Natalie Aster

Exeter University has the highest cost of living for students in the UK, according to research.

However, just 45 miles (73km) away, Plymouth University is the most cost-effective place to study.

The cost of living index, published by NatWest Bank, found that in Plymouth students were, on average, £3,510 better off that those in Exeter.

Researchers said rental costs were cheaper in Plymouth and there was more part-time work available.

The average Plymouth student will spend £217 a week on housing and other living costs such as food.

They will also make about £115 a week from part-time work.

In Exeter, students will spend £294 on living costs but make just £67 from part-time work, making it even more expensive to study at than London universities.

Mark Worthington, head of student banking for NatWest, said: "There is a disparity between Plymouth and Exeter.

"The main reason is the availability of part-time work. About 47% of students in Plymouth have part-time jobs."

Plymouth University student James Redfern said: "I had a part-time job in the students' union shop.

"I worked anything from 10 hours a week to 25. It's necessary to have a job to keep enough money coming in for food."

The poll questioned 2,600 undergraduates in 26 places.

Source: BBC News