Thermally Conductive Polymers for Heat Sinks Described in New Literature from Cool Polymers

11 Jul 2008 • by Natalie Aster

WARWICK, RI -- Thermally conductive injection molding grade thermoplastics for manufacturing heat sinks and thermal management solutions are now described in a special data sheet from Cool Polymers, Inc.

CoolPoly® thermally conductive plastics, currently in use in more than 5 million injection molded products worldwide, offer numerous benefits over metal. Among the benefits are no antenna effect, up to 50% less weight, low cost, and greater design flexibility. The company sells thermally conductive polymers and standard and custom parts made from these polymers.

As described in the literature, the proprietary CoolPoly thermally conductive plastics are most commonly and successfully used to mold heat sinks and provide thermal management solutions in electronics, appliances and for products used in medical and automotive applications. Also provided are airflow charts and recommended materials for selected or variety of end products.

Readers can also find information in this literature on other company products and applications for them. These include other grades of thermally conductive plastics for dielectric heat plates, fold-fin heat sinks, thermal interface and gaskets and functional heat sinks.

Cool Polymers, Inc. is the oldest and undisputed leader in thermally conductive plastics, with more than 100 million parts currently in service. The firm also provides off-the-shelf and custom parts made from these proprietary polymers, plus full design and prototyping services. Products, polymers and services also available include thermally conductive plastics for dielectric heat plates, folded-in heat sinks, thermal interface and gaskets, functional heat sinks, compression molded solid shapes, complete design and prototyping services, product assembly and packaging.

Source: Cool Polymers Inc.