New Elastocon Overmolding TPEs Offer Superior Adhesion to Nylon, Other Resins

07 May 2008 • by Natalie Aster

ROCHESTER, IL -- Elastocon TPE Technologies, Inc. has introduced a new line of STK thermoplastic elastomers that offer greater strength and provide better adhesion than many other TPE overmolding (OM) grades on the market today. The company reports that they have developed these OM grades utilizing the newest adhesion promoters available. As a result, this overmolding technology offers improved adhesion onto polycarbonates (PC), ABS, PC/ABS blends, nylon, HIPS, and copolyesters. Also, the standard Elastocon® 2800/8000 Series bonds well when overmolded to polypropylene.

The company reports that in most cases, the TPE will tear before the adhesion to the base resin fails. Applications for the new STK grades of TPE's include tools and hardware, housewares/utensil grips, personal care products, safety face masks, home and garden tools, and toys, among others. Company sources note the focus of this new quality TPE line is on feel - from tacky to soft and smooth -- in addition to strength and adhesion.

The new TPE is available in 1,000 lb. quantities in either natural or black. The Shore A range of softness is from 50A to 70A. No drying is required.

This new STK Series is the latest addition to the Elastocon TPE Technologies' full line of standard and custom TPE and TPO formulations and concentrates. All product lines can be injection molded, extruded, thermoformed, blow molded or compounded. The company has 7 production lines to handle any customer's TPE and TPO needs and demands.

Many grades are FDA compliant, NSF and UL approvable and suitable for medical applications. The company can also provide ISO reporting for manufacturing and shipping. All grades are reclaimable and recyclable.

Source: Elastocon TPE Technologies Inc.