Alliance With Victrex, Gudeng Introduces Wafer Cassettes based on VICTREX® ESD PEEK™ Polymer for an Entrance to the Supply Chain of Semiconductor Proc

11 Apr 2008 • by Natalie Aster

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Victrex plc, a leading provider of high performance materials includingVICTREX® PEEK™ polymer, VICOTE® coatings, and APTIV™ films, announced that Gudeng Precision Industrial Co., LTD, the world's leading photomask total solution provider, has successfully developed and commercialized its 8" wafer cassettes based on VICTREX ESD PEEK polymer. Wafer cassette is traditionally provided by the US and Japanese companies, and Gudeng's successful deployment of wafer cassettes mark a new milestone for the semiconductor process equipment industry in Taiwan. Locally developed and manufactured wafer cassettes do not only provide competitive and differentiated products to the semiconductor companies in Taiwan, but also help to raise wafer process yield and to reduce system cost.

Wafer pods are a type of sealed and isolated clean container, mainly used for wafers to pass through the transportation of semiconductor process systems for all types of Standard Mechanical InterFaces (SMIF*), or to be stored in clean environments. The wafer cassette is a container placed inside the wafer pod for loading, transporting, and protecting wafers. In the fabs, wafer cassettes often generate electrostatic discharge (ESD) during transportation, causing the malfunction of automatic operation system. However, wafer cassettes that are made with VICTREX ESD PEEK can reduce wafers and wafer cassette grooves from generating ESD which causes burned-out of the circuits, and wafer contamination due to electrostatic attraction, achieving the reduction and prevention of electrostatic accumulation. In addition, compared to the materials traditionally used to make wafer cassettes such as PP or PBT, VICTREX PEEK has higher dimensional stability and will not cause dimensional variation or distortion under continual temperature variations and long-term cleaning. Based on customers' feedback, wafers cassettes made with VICTREX ESD PEEK have a service life of as long as nine years. Its low particle generation/low outgassing characteristics can help reduce the number of contact points between wafer and wafer cassette grooves which generate particles, thus reducing wafer defects.

"As a leading mask total solutions provider, Gudeng has always been praised by the market and the industry for its reliable and cost-effective products. At Gudeng, we have strong passion for R&D, and are committed to developing proprietary products with innovative design," said Poshin Lee, Technical Manager of Gudeng. "We chose VICTREX ESD PEEK as the base material for our new product development not only for its unique and comprehensive performance including static dissipative, high dimensional stability, and low particle generation/low outgassing, but also because of our solid and long-term partnership with Victrex. Our successful collaboration this time also solidifies the leadership positions of both companies in the supply chain of Taiwan's semiconductor process equipment industry."

"Electrostatic discharge is one of the major problems in the semiconductor process, and it has a direct impact on wafer process yield," said Gary Li, Country Manager of Victrex Taiwan. "VICTREX ESD PEEK is a product specially developed for the semiconductor industry. The unique static dissipative of wafer cassettes made with VICTREX ESD PEEK can minimize the generation of tribo-electric charge, effectively reducing burned-out of the circuits due to electrostatics and wafer contamination from electrostatic attraction. The low particle generation/low outgassing properties of VICTREX PEEK can reduce the number of contact points between the wafer and wafer cassette grooves which generate particles, reduces wafer defects and improving wafer process yield."

In addition to its basic abrasion resistance, ultra purity, high heat resistance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability, VICTREX ESD PEEK contains anti-static material to significantly reduce electrostatic discharge caused by friction, preventing circuit damage. This newly developed ESD product thereby meeting and exceeding all of the critical material requirements for semiconductor industry; yet, raise the efficiency and yields of semiconductor process, reduce process costs, and bring about innovative design and design flexibility. The product line includes ESD 101, ESD 102, ESD 103, and ESD 201, with surface resistivity between 106 to109 ohm/sq. A suitable grade can be chosen according to different requirements in abrasion resistance, moisture absorption, and outgassing.

About Gudeng Precision Industrial

Founded in 1998, Gudeng Precision Industrial was initially established to manufacture and design injection molding and high precision parts. Since entering the field of photolithography, Gudeng Precision Industrial has become one of the world's largest manufacturers providing ultra-clean mask transportation/storage packaging and cleaning equipment for PSM high-level masks. Its products include RSP, mask package shipping boxes, mask packages, CDA/N2 purge stations/cabinets and other related components.

About Victrex

Victrex plc is an innovative leading manufacturer of high performance materials, including VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer, VICOTE® Coatings and APTIV™ film. These materials are used in a variety of markets and offer an exceptional combination of properties to help processors and end users reach new levels of cost savings, quality, and performance.

The headquarter of Victrex plc is located in the UK. Invibio® is the biomaterial business unit of Victrex plc, and mainly provides special materials and services to medical equipment manufacturers. Victrex Japan is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Victrex plc.

ource: Victrex plc