Chemtura Showcases Advancements in Hot Cast Urethane Systems, Flame Retardants and Polyol Stabilizers at PU TECH INDIA 2008

20 Feb 2008 • by Natalie Aster

Chemtura Corporation , a world leader in hot-cast urethane pre polymers and polymer additives, will showcase its latest innovations at UTECH India, Booth 047, including:

New Adiprene® K One-Component Urethanes: A transformational product line that offers a host of time/cost-saving benefits:

  • No weighing or mixing
  • Elimination of most capital equipment for mixing and metering
  • Less scrap from weighing and mixing errors
  • Reduced exposure to isocyanates and amine curatives
  • Virtually unlimited potlife, allowing very large or intricate pours
  • Quick demolding times, for improved productivity in small and/or thin parts

Adiprene K one-component urethane systems can provide processing advantages for applications ranging from abrasion-resistant elastomeric coatings to large, higher-hardness components. This versatility offers new levels of consistency and speed.

The growing Adiprene® / Vibrathane® portfolio: Chemtura offers more than 300 urethane polymer products, including Adiprene / Vibrathane hot-cast prepolymers, curatives and systems used in industrial and printing rolls, mining machinery and equipment, mechanical goods, solid industrial tires and wheels, and sporting and recreational goods. Adiprene® low-free TDI and Adiprene® low-free PPDI are environmentally safer alternatives to conventionally processed prepolymers.

Advancements for Flexible PU Foam: Hot, humid climates promote scorch and high exotherms, a potential fire hazard and a source of rejections. If polyols are not properly stabilized or treated with thermally stable flame retardants, manufacturers risk high levels of scorch and even fires, due to runaway thermal degradation. They are forced to write off scrap foam, sell it at a lower value or cut out the scorched areas, all of which eats into profits. Chemtura will showcase solutions for this problem:

To stabilize polyols: Naugard® PS 30, Anox® 1315 and Naugard® 431 Special Liquid Antioxidants.

Polyester polyols: Fomrez® polyester polyols offer broad applications in flexible foam, thermoplastic urethanes, coatings, adhesives and elastomers.

To reduce scorch in Flexible PU foam: Firemaster® 800, CN 3195, and Reofos® NHP flame retardants offer excellent levels of scorch protection and flexibility in production.

Firemaster 800, Chemtura's new flame retardant for flexible polyurethane foam, is approximately 20 % more efficient as a flame retardant than its predecessor, Firemaster® 550. This new product exhibits the same excellent scorch resistance as Firemaster 550 and, because of its higher efficiency, has less effect on the physical properties of the foam. Also Firemaster 800 has an excellent environmental profile, like Firemaster 550.

Flame Retardants for Rigid Polyurethane and Polyisocyanurate Foam

With the increasing cost of energy, rigid polyurethane foam becomes more competitive to polystyrene or fiberglass insulation. At Chemtura's Booth 047 you can discover the power of PHT-4 Diol™ and Firemaster® 520 as excellent, cost-efficient flame retardants for both standard polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foams.

About Chemtura Corporation

Chemtura Corporation , with 2006 sales of $3.5 billion, is a global manufacturer and marketer of specialty chemicals, crop protection and pool, spa and home care products.

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