Spartech's Sungard® Ultra Weatherable, High Impact Polycarbonate Sheet Meets Nation's Toughest Building Standard for Hurricane Zones

13 Feb 2008 • by Natalie Aster

ST. LOUIS, Mo. -- Spartech Corporation, a leading producer of engineered plastic sheet, polymeric compounds, and engineered products announced that its Sungard® Ultra Weatherable Polycarbonate sheet has received a notice of acceptance1 (NOA) from the Miami-Dade County Florida Building Code Office. Following rigorous testing, Sungard® sheet was found to comply with the Florida state building code as well as requirements for materials used in High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). Skylights and shutters made from Sungard® sheet have excellent impact resistance that withstands most environmental conditions without sacrificing clarity or strength.

"With its history of major hurricanes, Miami-Dade County has implemented the most stringent standards for construction materials in the country," said Scott Plott, Spartech Product Manager for special materials. "Sungard® sheet has met these tough requirements and is now available to manufacturers who are looking for the best approach to long-term UV stability, impact resistance, and the lightweight benefits of Polycarbonate."

Sungard® sheet features proprietary technology to prevent yellowing, haze, and degradation from exposure to UV light. In a unique process, UV protection is homogenously bonded to impart weatherability to the Polycarbonate structure itself. Unlike coatings, this protection cannot be scratched off. Sungard® sheet blocks nearly 100 percent of UV rays, allowing the customer to reap the benefits of natural light while minimizing the harsh effects of the sun. Further, UV stability helps preserve impact resistance over time.

Source: Spartech Corporation