Nissei Plastic to showcase hybrid injection molding machines with X-pump in Chinaplas

08 Feb 2008 • by Natalie Aster

Nissei Plastic Industrial Co Ltd will exhibit four models of hybrid type injection molding machines equipped with the X-pump, which have combined the merits of electric and hydraulic machines, under the theme "X-pump system opens the door to the world of new molding" at Chinaplas 2008 to be held in Shanghai, China from 17 to 20th April.

"ANX80-9A" with a clamping force of 80 tons has been developed for the China and ASEAN markets in pursuit of good cost performance, while maintaining the basic functions of the FNX, one of Nissei's main machines. Adoption of the original hybrid control technology and the new controller ensures high performance that permits precision stable molding, carving the functions to the required minimum. Two-set molding of laboratory dishes will be demonstrated at the hall.

"PNX40-2A" with a clamping force of 40 tons tells how the PNX Series model has been changed since the series was put on the market two years ago. A newly developed control mechanism for ensuring stable mold opening and closing, as well as a molding support software and the like, have been added. As an example of precision stable molding of long connectors, in which electric molding machines are considered to be superior, two-cavity molding of 120-pole connectors will be demonstrated at the hall.

"NPX7-1F" with a clamping force of 7 tons is a compact hybrid machine developed for precision molding of small products. The field of micro molding is expected to develop also in China in future. At the exhibition hall four-cavity molding of sealed pieces will be demonstrated.

"TNX75R9V" with a clamping force of 75 tons is a vertical machine equipped with the X-pump, which is suitable for insert molding of automobiles and office automation equipment. Pocket mirrors will be molded at the exhibition hall.

According to Nissei, the greatest characteristics of its hybrid-type molding machines is the "hybrid X-pump system" equipped with the innovative X-pump. Unlike the general hybrid systems materialized by combining the servomotor driving technology and hydraulic driving technology for the driving source of molding machines, this "hybrid X-pump system" is a originally developed by Nissei to drive the motor only when necessary (stopping the servomotor when unnecessary) by controlling the speed of the servomotor.