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4 Popular Recent Reports on Beverages Market

06 Oct 2021 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers is happy to inform that a lot of comprehensive research reports covering different sectors of the global beverages industry have been recently added at MarketPublishers.com. Our experts have prepared a selection of the 4 most popular latest reports featuring the beverages market:

Cashew Milk Market 

Backed by the increasing number of lactose intolerant population along with the rising awareness of health benefits of cashew milk, the world’s market for cashew milk is estimated to maintain a healthy growth pace in the next 6 years. Besides, a notable upturn in product launches is set to act as a driving factor for market growth in the coming years. Moreover, the increasing milk consumption, expanding food & beverage industry, growing vegan population, and mounting demand for milk protein in daily lifestyle will provide new lucrative growth opportunities for the global cashew milk industry through 2027. However, the high price of the product may impede market growth during the forecast period…

Red Wine Market

The global red wine market is expected to exhibit healthy growth during 2021-2027, supported majorly by the increasing number of health-conscious customers, rising awareness of health benefits associated with red wine consumption in moderation, and also growing substitution of other beverages with red wine. Besides, rising disposable incomes, rapid urbanization, mounting recreational activity demand, and an increasing share of millennials are poised to fuel the demand for red wine in the coming years. However, heavy tax duties imposed on alcoholic beverages may hinder market growth over the forecast period…

Caffeinated Beverages Market

The world’s market for caffeinated beverages exceeded USD 231.1 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of over 6.81% through 2027, supported majorly by the increasing consumption of caffeine, and the rising number of product launches. Besides, the elevating demand for beverages that boost mental strength and immune system, flourishing e-commerce sector, and increasing standard of life will create new lucrative growth opportunities for the global caffeinated beverage industry. However, side effects such as insomnia after consuming a large amount of caffeine may restrain market growth over the forecast period. North America is slated to maintain the major share of the global caffeinated beverages through 2027, primarily owing to the strong demand for energy drinks, and the presence of established companies in the region…

Ready-to-Drink Protein Beverages Market

Last year, the world’s market for ready-to-drink protein beverages reached the value of USD 1.34 billion. This market is slated to grow at a 7.72% CAGR in the next 6 years, driven by the increasing number of health-conscious consumers, soaring popularity of sports, mounting demand from consumers engaged in fitness to maintain workout productivity, rising number of product launches with new innovative flavors, expanding food & beverages industry, growing consumption of protein-enriched drinks, and increasing adoption of organic products. However, the wide availability of affordable alternatives may restrain the market growth over 2021-2027. North America is set to command the largest share of the global ready-to-drink protein beverages through 2027, whilst Asia-Pacific is expected to exhibit the highest growth rates…

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