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Top Five Pineapples Producing Countries in the World

08 Feb 2019 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Pineapple is the second most consumed tropical fruit after banana, accounting for approximately 20% of the global overall production of tropical fruits. The origin of pineapples is traced to the Amazon Basin (namely Brazil and Paraguay), where the fruit was first domesticated. Meanwhile, Hawaii was the first place, where pineapples were commercially cultivated. Nowadays, pineapples are grown throughout all the tropical zones across the globe. Cayena Lisa (a.k.a. Smooth Cayenne) is the most spread variety of pineapples.

The global market for pineapples demonstrated sustained growth from 2009 to 2016, registering a CAGR of around 3.3%. The growth pace slowed down slightly in 2017 and 2018, however, remained positive. Worldwide, the pineapples harvested area increased from 854,800 hectares in 2008 to almost 1.1 million hectares in 2018.

The pineapples industry is anticipated to maintain healthy growth at a CAGR of appr. 2.9% in the coming years, spurred by the mounting demand for this fruit across the globe, especially in the Asian region. Such countries as China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines are poised to be the leading contributors to the global pineapples consumption growth in the next few years. Besides, constantly improving living standards, rising population, and expanding healthy lifestyle trends are expected to spur the pineapples consumption in Latin America which is also likely to add to the global market upturn. Moreover, the escalating demand for canned pineapples around the world along with the enhancing awareness about healthy, balanced nutrition is set to act as another market growth driver.

As for the global production of pineapples, it gathered momentum considerably since 2008. During 2008-2018, the world’s pineapples production demonstrated sustainable growth. In 2008, it stood at some 19.49 million metric tons (MMT), whilst in 2017 came to 27.4 MMT. Looking forward, the world’s pineapples production is forecast to continue gaining momentum and by 2025 may climb to 34.2 MMT.

World’s production of pineapples from 2002 to 2017 (in MMT)
World’s production of pineapples from 2002 to 2017 (in MMT)

Regionally, Asia accounts for the bulk share of the world’s total output of pineapples. Five out of the top ten pineapples producing countries are located in the Asian region. Ten largest producers of pineapples together command a share of around 70% of the world’s total output of this fruit.

Leading pineapple producing countries, 2017 (in MMT)

Leading pineapple producing countries, 2017 (in MMT)

Here is a look at the top 5 countries in the world known for the largest pineapple production volume:


Costa Rica is the world’s biggest pineapples producer, contributing around 11% of the global output. As of 2017, Costa Rica produced above 3 MMT of pineapples.

The country has the perfect tropical climate suitable for the robust upswing of pineapple production. Costa Rica made substantial investments in the development of the domestic pineapple industry at the beginning of 2000 and since then the production of this fruit in the country has increased by about 300%. Presently, over 111 thousand acres of the country’s land is covered with pineapples crops. Although the pineapple industry is an important contributor to the Costa Rican economy, its impact on the country’s environment is devastating – Costa Rica is now struggling with groundwater contamination and land erosion.

Costa Rica is also the number one exporter of pineapples on the global arena, commanding the bulk share of the global pineapples exports. In the year 2017, the value of Costa Rica’s pineapples exports totaled some USD 980.6 million. The major customers of the Costa Rican pineapples are the US and European countries.


With a share of nearly 9.7%, the Philippines takes the second spot on the list of the global leading pineapples producers. The country produced slightly over 2.67 MMT of pineapples in the year 2017.

Pineapples present one of the most significant crops for the country. Presently, around 173 thousand acres are dedicated to the cultivation of pineapples in the Philippines.

The major chunk of pineapples harvested in the country goes for exports. At present, the Philippines is the third leading exporter of pineapples, accounting for appr. 8.3% of the global exports value. The country’s pineapple export business has seen massive growth over 2013-2017. As of 2017, the country’s pineapples exports were worth nearly USD 172.4 million. Japan is the dominant destination of the Philippine pineapples, accounting for around 79% of the country’s export shipments. Other important importers include Korea and the US. 

3.    BRAZIL

Next on the list is Brazil commanding a share of appr. 8.2% of the world’s overall output volume of pineapples. As of 2017, this country produced more than 2.25 MMT of pineapples.

The cultivation of pineapples is common throughout the country and all the year round, however, the largest chunk of the domestic production comes from the northern part. The Brazilian pineapples are in high demand in the international market due to their exclusive sweetness. Brazil is also a prominent exporter of this fruit; its major pineapples export destinations are Europe and the US.


The fourth place in the world in terms of pineapples production is held by Thailand with a share of nearly 7.7% of the global output. In 2017, the volume of the pineapples production in this country was over 2.12 MMT.

Thailand has a humid, tropical climate which is quite suitable for the pineapples growing. Around 100,000 hectares of the country’s land is dedicated to the pineapples crops. This fruit is produced in 13 main inland provinces, however, most pineapples farms are located along the East and the West Coasts of the Gulf of Thailand. About 80% of the domestic pineapples harvest goes for procession and canning, whilst the remaining share is sold out in the inland markets.  

5.    INDIA

India ranks the fifth largest producer of pineapples on the global scale. It accounts for appr. 6.8% of the global production volume. In 2017, India produced more than 1.86 MMT of pineapples.

Maharashtra, Assam, Orissa, Tripura, Karnataka, Meghalaya, and Gujarat are the leading pineapples producing states in the country due to the favourable, tropical climate. The monsoon season is recognised as the best time for the pineapples cultivation in India.

India is the dominant exporter of canned pineapples in the world. The key export destinations of the Indian canned pineapples are the UK, Spain, the UAE, and Nepal.

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