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Payments Market Scenario in Different Countries Explored by GlobalData in Its Cutting-Edge Topical Reports Recently Uploaded at MarketPublishers.com

30 Jan 2018 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers informs that its research partner, GlobalData, has recently issued a range of topical publications covering the payments market landscape and trends in different countries. These cutting-edge research studies have been recently added to the publisher’s online catalogue at MarketPublishers.com.

Some of New Topical Country Payments Market Reports by GlobalData:

Payments in Canada 2017: What Consumers Want. Canada has a developed and high competitive payment card market. In 2017, the penetration rates of pay-later and debit cards stood at 219.9 and 85.4 per 100 individuals. Local consumers are active users of payment cards: the frequency of use stands at around 101.2 transaction per card. Whilst credit cards take lead in terms of spending, debit cards are more frequently used at the POS. new technologies like mobile wallets are gaining popularity in Canada as well, driven by the introduction of international payment solutions like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, amidst others. Moreover, expanding usage of contactless payments (fueled by well-established contactless payment infrastructure) is projected to spur further growth in the electronic payments sector in Canada. This research report offers a detailed analysis of the Canadian payments market landscape, dynamics and trends; it outlines future growth prospects …

Payments in Ireland 2017: What Consumers Want. Cash is a preferred instrument for consumer payments in Ireland; in 2017, it accounted for a share of nearly 52% of the overall payment transaction volume. However, in the coming years the usage of cash is poised to decrease in the wake of rising popularity of electronic payments. Other factors that are expected to influence the reduction of cash’s share in the Irish payments market include governmental initiatives to promote card payments, enhancing consumer preference for novel payment options like mobile and digital wallets, and also surging contactless payments sector. Banks in the country are also turning their attention to low-cost channels like internet and mobile banking to offer products and services. Moreover, the emergence of digital-only banks is set to spur the shift towards electronic payments in the country. This research report provides an all-round analysis of the Irish payments market with vita info on the market size, segmentation, dynamics, trends, …

Payments in the UK 2017: What Consumers Want. The payments market in the UK is highly mature. In 2017, there were more debit cards in issue than individuals in the country. Access to formal financial services is easy and mostly free in the UK. The usage of contactless cards in the country has witnessed robust growth during the past several years. The country boasts a well-developed and mature e-commerce market, with UK consumers ranking the top in terms of e-commerce spending per capita amid other European countries. Although the UK electronic payments market is rather strong, there are some notable areas of weakness, for instance, the mobile proximity payments market is still underdeveloped, and local consumers are still heavy users of cash at the POS. This research publication presents a comprehensive guide to the UK payments market, sheds light on the top trends and the major influencing factors, uncovers trustworthy statistics, …

 For more country payments market research reports and many other topical research studies by this publisher follow GlobalData online catalogue at MarketPublishers.com.


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