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Innovative Drugs Pricing, Reimbursement & HTA Landscape Analysed by FirstWord in Its Research Study Published at MarketPublishers.com

06 Dec 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Vast access of patients to innovative novel products is being discouraged by Health Technology Assessments (HTA) in non-US markets. From January 2016 to June 2017, 58 innovative drug products were approved and introduced to the market in the USA - but what about their status internationally? For instance, only 35 of the 58 have been approved in the EU, with many of these being tied up in HTA assessments. The commercial influence is not of little importance: with no foreseeable outcome, firms cannot plan efficiently or comprehend the competitive scene in which they are likely to operate. Which firms are being affected? What products have been up to the mark? When – and where – are novel competitive threats likely to emerge? These and many other issues are raised in the report.

Comprehensive research study “Innovative drugs: Mapping the pricing, reimbursement and HTA landscape” drawn up by FirstWord discusses the pricing, reimbursement and HTA assessment status of innovative drugs at the country level to get a clear, unbiased picture of the competitive landscape.

The study gives an overview of 58 innovative medicines, encompassing ixekizumab (Eli Lilly), palbociclib (Pfizer), nusinersen (Biogen), sofosbuvir/velpatasir (Gilead) and selexipag (Actelion). For each of the products in question the report casts light on the regulatory approvals, HTA and market launch, and sales (including H1 2017 sales where available). The report gives an analysis of the 13 therapy areas targeted by innovative drugs – primarily oncology and neurology, as well as respiratory, anti-infectives, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal. It identifies the products approved but not referred for HTA assessment, examines the influence of HTA systems on smaller firms and biotechs in the innovative drug universe. The report offers profiles of the emerging innovative therapies in top therapy areas. The research study sheds light on the conditions indicated for the 58 products, comprising various types of cancer, dry eye, myodystrophy, hepatitis C, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease. The report offers information on the products of 47 companies such as Actelion, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Gilead and Genentech.

Countries covered include the UK, Australia, France, Canada, and Germany.

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