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World Intelligent Cities Summit (WICS) 2017 Comes to Ankara on December 13!

04 Dec 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers reminds about the forthcoming Event, World Intelligent Cities Summit (WICS) 2017, organised by EurAsia Strategies. WICS 2017 comes to Ankara (Turkey) on December 13, 2017. Sheraton Ankara Hotel was chosen as a venue for this Event.

Today, the smart cities market is witnessing robust uptake globally, fueled by the increasing global population number, the rapid connectivity coupled with fast telecommunication provision, booming urbanisation, strong demand for smarter energy, transportation and energy solutions, amid others factors. By late 2022, this market is set to surpass the USD 1.2 trillion mark in value terms.

In the wake of surging popularity of smart cities, the 4th edition of the World Intelligent Cities Summit will be devoted to a profound study of various aspects of the smart cities market and help to gain better understanding of the key tools, processes and models required to cultivate “smart” communities and cities in the modern world. WICS 2017 will bring together more than 70 local and international experts.

Why to Attend WICS 2017?

  • become abreast of the most recent developments and cutting-edge strategies;
  • learn from the pioneers of the smart city sector about the key concepts and existing technologies;
  • get valuable info on the integrated urban planning approaches;
  • expand your knowledge about the smart cities market and prevailing trends;
  • establish new partnerships;
  • share your experience and exchange ideas with other participants;
  • discover new business opportunities;
  • find out about sustainable methodologies to transform urban spaces;
  • and many more.

Little over one week is left to WICS 2017, take time by the forelock and book your ticket right now!

Please, don’t forget that all Market Publishers’ registered customers are eligible for a beneficial 10% discount on tickets to WICS 2017! Therefore, if you haven’t registered at MarketPublishers.com yet, you are welcome to visit the registration page.


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