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Ten Days Left to “Validating Market Models: TRIM” Conference!

20 Nov 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – As a media partner for Validating Market Models: TRIM, organised by marcus evans, Market Publishers, Ltd. would like to remind you about this forthcoming Event. Validating Market Models: TRIM comes to London (the UK) on November 30 - December 1, 2017.

Nowadays, the role and importance of model validation is gaining traction at a fast pace, as market risk, counterparty risk, pricing and XVA models are subjects to novel regulations that require more monitoring and control. Today, model validation teams have to validate more models more quickly and also more accurately, and it the task of model risk managers to clarify the governance framework so that nothing falls through the gaps.

Validating Market Models: TRIM will gather numerous participants, who will come to discuss how TRIM is influencing the banking industry, how market model validators can work to mitigate the model risk, what can be expected for model risk management in the years to come, and many more important issues.

Join Validating Market Models: TRIM and you will get wonderful opportunities to:

  • become abreast of the major challenges faced by the market model validation;
  • discuss the hottest issues associated with complex XVA and pricing models;
  • enrich your experience by listening to distinguished vendors and top experts;
  • learn from practical case studies;
  • evaluate the impact of TRIM on market risk and counterparty risk models;
  • study how to quantify model risk and create a model risk governance framework;
  • delve deep into validation and risk estimation for market risk models;
  • learn how to create a model risk framework in the current US regulatory environment;
  • understand how to stimulate banks to take a broader view to the management of market models to avoid the problem of silos;
  • etc.

Please, remember that all Market Publishers’ registered clients can benefit from the discounts on the tickets to the Event. To get a discount, the Market Publishers’ registered clients should use a special code. To register at MarketPublishers.com, please, click here. For further details on the discounts and to get the special code contact [email protected].


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