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Two Days Left to the 4th Annual Real-Time Advertising Summit in London!

20 Nov 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers informs that the 4th edition of the Annual Real-Time Advertising Summit, organised by Active Communications Europe Ltd (ACI), comes to London (the UK)  on November 22-23, 2017.

After the great success of the 3rd edition of this unrivalled Event, this year Real-Time Advertising Summit will also become a reliable, uniting platform for numerous brands, agencies, ad networks, ad exchanges, DSPs, SSPs, publishers and other interested organisations and executives to delve deeper into the major drivers of the real-time advertising industry and expand their knowledge with the best practices of the rapidly-evolving programmatic landscape.

The key topics on the Agenda of Real-Time Advertising Summit 2017 this year include:

  • major challenges and the most promising opportunities in the programmatic advertising sector;
  • key growth drivers and hinders of the real-time advertising industry;
  • new growth prospects of the world’s programmatic advertising;
  • recent innovations in the digital advertisement sector;
  • unique brand case studies;
  • ways to monetize opportunities in mobile programmatic sector;
  • future prospects of programmatic TV;
  • major brand safety issues to be addressed;
  • examples of successful collaborations in the industry;
  • relationships with brands and media agencies;
  • solutions in ad tech ecosystem;
  • key data and regulation issues in digital advertising age;
  • future outlook for the programmatic advertising industry;
  • etc.

During the Real-Time Advertising Summit 2017, the participants will participate in case study presentations, interactive sessions and panel discussions; will gain nice networking opportunities, share new ideas and expand their experience, etc.

Don’t forget that all Market Publishers’ registered customers are provided with nice discounts on tickets to this Summit! To register at MarketPublishers.com follow this page.


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