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Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Therapy Landscape Canvassed by Black Swan Analysis in Its New Research Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

14 Nov 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) represent a class of rare diseases that have respect to the clonal expansion of precursors of the myeloid lineage cells in the bone marrow. MPNs are characterised by the uncontrolled growth of cells, and hence can also be categorised as a kind of blood cancer.

Treatment options depend upon the type of MPN, the level of severity, general well-being and age of the person diagnosed. Treatment is typically targeted to reducing redundant number of blood cells in circulation, and to preventing and treating the disease’s symptoms and complications.

New insightful research study “Epiomic Epidemiology Series: Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Forecast in 12 Major Markets 2017–2027” elaborated by Black Swan Analysis gives an evaluation of the present-day prevalent population for  3 MPN types: essential thrombocythaemia (ET), polycythaemia vera (PV), and primary myelofibrosis (PMF), in top 12 markets, categorised by 5-year age group and gender.

The publication sheds light on the present-day prevalence, gives an all-round review of the risk factors, diagnosis and prognosis pertaining to the disorder, alongside variations by ethnicity and geography-wise. The report discusses the main symptoms and co-morbidities of DGP as well as presents the overall prevalence rates. The sub-populations within the disorder are forecasted country-wise over the next 10 years. The study gives an analysis of the overall prevalence of the disease, quantifies the JAK2-V617F mutation status, assesses a number of clinical and lab parameters, and also reviews several major symptoms and co-morbidities of the discussed MPNs and features thereupon.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Be able to quantify patient populations in the world MPN market.
  • Gain deep insights into the prevalence rate of the subdivided MPN types and high-potential patient segments.
  • Get access to accurate information on clinical trials across key countries.
  • Comprehend the influence that certain co-morbid conditions exert on MPN prevalent population.
  • Detect sub-populations in the market which are in need of treatment.
  • Understand the markets that have the better half of MPN patients.

More new market reports drawn up by Black Swan Analysis are provided at its page.


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