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Indian EV Market Opportunities Limelighted by Infra Insights in Its In-demand Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

26 Oct 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Since the announcement of India’s lofty objective to have an all-electric vehicle (EV) fleet by 2030, nearly every firm has been in a rush to shape its EV strategy and the role it can play.

Although the EV market has been marking its presence globally, it will be smooth sailing to achieve all-EVs vision by 2030 for India, given that the nation has made limited gains in electric mobility since the NEMMP was announced in 2013. The NEMMP plan has earmarked an ambitious goal to reach 6-7 million sales of HEVs and EVs YoY from 2020 onwards.  Additionally, the country’s government has notified FAME India scheme for implementation entering into effect from April 1, 2015, with the view to supporting HEV/EV market development and production eco-system.

Sales of EVs in India increased by 37.5% to 22,000 units during 2015-2016 compared to 16,000 sold in 2014-2015. Thus, the country remains long way off its objective of selling 6 million EVs by 2020. In comparison, China recorded 352,000 new EVs as of 2016, as against only 159,000 cars registered in the USA during the identical period. In 2001, China began its EV program "863 EV Project" and within around 12 years became the leader in the EV universe.

In such a manner, it is important to comprehend how China, the USA, Sweden and other nations achieved the EV transformation.

Topical report “Quantifying the Emerging Multi-Billion Business opportunity in India's push towards all-Electric Vehicles by 2030: What will it take to translate vision to reality” elaborated by Infra Insights is aimed at providing an in-depth analysis on how other nations reached EV objective, roles played by various stakeholders, problems and challenges faced, business models adopted, arising business opportunities, so that this helps the Indian companies rushing into the EV opportunity take a refined decision.

The report gives an overview of the EV value chain, canvasses the EV market dynamics covering the major influencing forces, and tracks the trends worldwide. The study sheds light on the success and failures in the EV space across the markets such as China, the USA, Japan, the Nordics, Europe and the UK. It analyses the global market size and share for EV based on technology, OEMs, power source, and by power train. The report presents a detailed case study on China's EV program. It reviews the top companies that gained from the world EV boom, covers the global M&As in the EV space. Further, the study examines the Indian EV market in India with prospects up to 2030. It reveals the opportunity in retrofit of petrol and diesel vehicles to HEVs. The report discloses the opportunities for the car manufacturers, charging equipment & charging facility providers, power utilities, auto component makers, and battery producers. A detailed nation-wide survey of consumers is available. The report casts light on the EV plans of non–automobile makers, dominant automobile OEMs.

More comprehensive reports drawn up by the publisher can be found at Infra Insights page.


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