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Frozen Prawns Remained Top Item of Export in India in 2016-2017, States Bonafide in Its Discounted Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

23 Oct 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – India exports a large quantity of marine products to versatile countries. During 2016-2017, exports of marine products hit an all-time high, recording 24.49% rupee earnings growth YoY. However, processed seafood captures just 5% of India's exports; whilst frozen seafood accounts for the majority of the country’s total marine product exports. Around half of the seafood revenue stems from the export market, with the rest coming from the domestic one.

Frozen prawns remained the leading item of export in India, grabbing 38.28% of the overall seafood exports in terms of volume during 2016-2017. Just under 2% of the revenues in the packaged frozen prawns category come from the domestic market. Nevertheless, with the surging consumption of frozen prawns in India, the local market is anticipated to see robust growth in the next 3 years.

The country’s frozen prawns marketplace is inhabited by various players such as Al Kabeer, West Coast Fine Foods (Cambay tiger), Forstar, Avanti Frozen Food, Gadre Marine Export, Apex Frozen Food, and IFB Agro, among others.

Discounted research study “India Frozen Prawns Market Overview, 2017-2020” drawn up by Bonafide Research & Marketing delves deep into the frozen prawns market on a national level.

The report provides the domestic seafood market outlook by analysing the market size by value and offers detailed forecasts. It gives insights into the seafood production by volume.

The study provides estimates on the domestic fresh prawns market size by value and volume plus forecasts. It gives an analysis of the Indian frozen prawns market size by volume and value and forecast. The research study provides a granular segmentation analysis of the national frozen prawns market by company, region, end-use sector, size of prawns, type of prawns, and based on packaging type. Furthermore, the study includes profiles of the top 5 companies active in the marketplace.

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