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Cancer Immunotherapies Landscape Discussed by GBI Research in Its Topical Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

23 Oct 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – To date, the immune system is believed to recognise tumors, with this tumour-specific immune response being due to the recognition of tumour antigens. Nevertheless, in many cancers, disease progression also comes with immune system suppression, which impedes an efficient anti-tumour immune response and tumour elimination. During the last several decades, cancer immunotherapies have evolved into essential therapeutic modalities for some cancer types.

The different immunotherapies utilised to treat cancer encompass mAbs directed at specific tumour-associated antigens (TAAs); immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs), which target major proteins involved in the innate immune response, like programmed cell death-1 (PD-1); vaccination of patients with tumour antigens, and non-specific immunotherapies (NSIs), like interferon therapy, which boost the immune system in a more generalised way.

All in all, the overall cancer immunotherapy pipeline has 3,100 products in clinical trials, making it a remarkable portion of the total oncology pipeline, and reflecting the keen interest in this therapy class in product development. This is owing to the surging clinical rationale lying behind the development of such therapies, and the eagerness of drug product developers to invest in new therapeutics, which will likely provide considerable product differentiation from competitors.

In-demand research study “Frontier Pharma: Cancer Immunotherapies - First-in-Class Pipeline Dominated by Immunomodulators and PD-1 Like Targets” drawn up by GBI Research offers extensive insights into the present-day clinical and commercial landscape pertaining to cancer immunotherapies.

The research presents insights into the scope of the world cancer immunotherapies market with respect to key molecule types and molecular targets, limelighting today’s unmet needs and describing how they can be addressed. The report gives an analysis of the cancer immunotherapies pipeline, categorised based on development stage, molecule type and target. It offers an all-round evaluation of first-in-class products and ranks them according to clinical potential. The study sheds light on the commercial opportunities in the deals landscape relating to the cancer immunotherapies domain, canvassing the trends in co-development and licensing deals, and generating a list of first-in-class therapies without being primarily involved in these deals.

A full list of the publisher’s market research studies is provided in GBI Research catalogue.


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