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Chinese Atrazine Market Analysed & Forecast by CCM in Its New Research Report Recently Added at MarketPublishers.com

11 Oct 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Today, atrazine is widely used in the agriculture industry across the globe owing to its safety to application crops, good herbicidal effect and economical price.

Globally, China is recognised as the key consumer and supplier of atrazine in the world. The country’s annual consumption volume of atrazine exceeds 16,000 tonnes. During 2013-2015, China exported more than 137,000 tonnes of atrazine products.

Over the last several years, the country’s supply of atrazine has significantly outlined the demand. Yet, the concentration ratio of atrazine production remains high in China.

In the short run, the competition scenario in the Chinese atrazine market is set to intensify on the back of anticipated decline in demand along with unfavorable environment in the pesticide market. Large-scale atrazine technical producers are likely to maintain their dominance and force small-scale producers out of the market.

New insightful research report “Atrazine Market and Production in China” prepared by Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM) offers an all-round analysis of the current situation in the Chinese market for atrazine as well as covers the historical development patterns. The research report includes vital information on atrazine and covers products competing in the Chinese market, discloses reliable updated statistics on production, consumption, imports and exports; highlight the recent price changes and offers relevant info on the key suppliers and consumers of atrazine in the country. The report covers the most recent investment initiatives, sheds light on the market competitive scenario, examines the major factors having influence on the market development. A profound overview of the future possible growth trends and opportunities, and a look at the major challenges are available in the report, too.

Other new research publications issued by this publisher are available in the CCM online catalogue.


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