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Four Weeks Left to Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia – Join Right Now!

11 Oct 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – As a media partner of Intelligence-Sec, Market Publishers, Ltd. would like to remind you about the forthcoming Event, the 2nd annual Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia conference & exhibition. This Summit is scheduled for November 7-9, 2017 and will be held at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel in Malaysia.

Today, the necessities to improve border security and create the most efficient immigration processes at airports are amid the hottest issues for Asian nations. Numerous regional border security agencies are working hard to increase security on their borders and protect them from illegal migration and cross-border organised crimes. Important measures are being taken at the regional airports in order to improve passenger experiences and make immigration processes as smooth and hassle free as possible.  

Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia will become an unparalleled uniting platform for leading border security officials from across the APAC region and from all over the world to discuss all the hottest topics regarding border management solutions and technologies.

Join the second edition of Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia this year and gain opportunities to:

  • discuss the latest threats and challenges,
  • become abreast of the recent organised crimes across borders of the Asian countries;
  • learn about the recent developments in this field and current capabilities;
  • find solutions to improve borders security and cope with illegal migration and cross-border organised crimes;
  • discuss the necessary measures for improvement of passenger experiences in airports;
  • better understand the prospects of Asian countries in adoption of the latest API and PNR systems;
  • gain a clear understanding of the best ways to manage migration across the region;
  • etc.

Additionally, Intelligence-Sec also offers to join a workshop “BORDER MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE”. By attending the workshop, everyone will take part in team exercises, expand knowledge and experience, gain new ideas, discuss the vital issues, share thoughts, and many more!

Time is running out, only four weeks left to the Summit. Don’t hesitate and apply for participation in Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia right now!

Attention! Intelligence-Sec prepared a great bonus for all Market Publishers’ registered customers: they are eligible for beneficial discounts on tickets to Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia 2017. To register at MarketPublishers.com visit this page and follow the instructions.  


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