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CVD Therapeutics Landscape Continues to See Innovation, States GBI Research in Its Topical Study Available at MarketPublishers.com

10 Oct 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The treatment modalities of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) generally focus on prevention by way of controlling CVD risk factors. In that context, the treatments typically fall within 3 categories: anti-hypertensives, which are aimed at lowering blood pressure to normal levels; anti-dyslipidemia drugs, which target to keeping lipid levels in the normal range; and anti-thrombotic drugs, which aim at either preventing thrombus formation by inhibiting the clotting system or platelet clumping.

There has been extensive scientific innovation in the CVD therapeutics marketplace during the past decades, specifically within the anti-dyslipidemia sector, first with the uptake of statins like Lipitor (atorvastatin), and then with the introduction of PCSK9 inhibitors. Innovative solutions keep on taking place in the dyslipidemia pipeline, with a set of first-in-class molecular targets in the pipeline, encompassing those that hold the promise of turning the tide in the treatment landscape by reversing the process of atherosclerosis.

Heart weakness and PH are still poorly treated, and have a poor prognosis. Heart weakness, specifically, is associated with a 5-year morbidity of 50%. The extensive pipeline for heart weakness encloses a high percentage of first-in-class products relative to other CVD indications, which could potentially lead to the breakthroughs in treating this condition.

Topical research study “Frontier Pharma: Cardiovascular Disease - Diverse First-in-Class Molecular Targets to Bridge Unmet Needs in Pulmonary Hypertension, Heart Failure and Atherosclerosis” drawn up by GBI Research is dedicated to providing an all-encompassing, unbiased assessment of the marketplace on a global level.

The report examines the case for innovation; gives a CVD disease overview, including diagnosis and prognosis, and the treatment modalities available.

The study examines the structure of the CVD marketplace with respect to leading molecule types and targets, limelighting what existing unmet needs are and how they can be overcome. This enables a competitive understanding of gaps in the present-day market. it analyses the CVD pipeline, breaking it down by stage of development, molecular target and the type of molecule. The report presents an insightful assessment of the therapeutic potential of first-in-class targets, with first-in-class products being assessed and ranked in accordance with the clinical potential. It thoroughly reviews the early-stage targets that hold promise. Furthermore, the report identifies commercial opportunities in the CVD deals landscape.

More topical research reports drawn up by this publisher can be found in GBI Research catalogue.


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