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Molecular Diagnostics Market Discussed by VPG in Its New Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

03 Oct 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The next 5 years are expected to see considerable progress in reagent systems and automation, as well as an emergence of a broad range of novel products that will necessitate novel marketing approaches. The tempo of market penetration into routine clinical labs, though, will rely on the uptake of cost-attenuating and computer-aided systems with amplification methods.

To effectively take advantage of the opportunities stemming from the molecular diagnostics ecosystem, a host of companies are already employing novel molecular technologies as corporate strategic assets, managed in favour of marketing and business strategies. Combining novel technology planning with business and corporate strategies is poised to be one of the most challenging targets for diagnostic firms over the next few years.

New research report “Winning Strategies in Molecular Diagnostics 2021” created by VPG is aimed to identifying and evaluating key business opportunities in the molecular diagnostics marketplace over the next 5 years.

It gives a worldwide market overview, giving details about the labs carrying out DNA sequencing and molecular diagnostic tests by market segment and country-wise; and including 5-year test volume and sales forecasts by nation. The study analyses sales and market shares of key suppliers of molecular diagnostic instruments, and includes 5-year test volume and sales projections for key applications, 5-year test volume and sales forecasts for more than 30 NAT assays. It also gives an all-round analysis of the sequencing sector, by nation and lab segment. The research provides granular market segmentation, shedding light on the market dynamics, structure, trends, size, growth and top suppliers, country-wise. The study gives a comprehensive product/technology review, comparing the leading molecular diagnostic analyzers from major suppliers; reviewing molecular diagnostic technologies, detection methodologies, test formats, trends in testing automation and more than 30 target/signal amplification techniques; and listing the global players engaged in the new technology/product development. The report provides competitive assessments of dominant suppliers and emerging market entrants, and a listing of firms developing and marketing molecular diagnostics products, by application and test. Key opportunities with potentially huge market appeal over the next 5 years are discussed, as well as strategic recommendations are available in the study.

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