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Stain Protection in Textiles & Apparel Grows in Popularity, States Textiles Intelligence in Its Report Published at MarketPublshers.com

20 Sep 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The key goal of stain protection in apparel is preserving aesthetics, functionality, and durability of an item of clothing by hindering liquids and particulate matter from sticking to the material from which the item of clothing is manufactured. Furthermore, stain protection plays a key role in the applications like medical clothing and industrial workwear where it is essential to preclude spills from getting inside a garment and reaching the wearer if those spills could potentially do harm.

Nevertheless, stain resistance is also increasingly required for informal clothing. Stain repellent treatments mitigate the necessity of laundering and dry-cleaning garments, and a blend of wrinkle and stain resistance, and anti-odour treatments aids in keeping garments looking fresher for a longer period of time.

But some stain repellent treatments are grounded on fluorocarbons whose production can lead to the origination of chemicals which are likely to have a negative influence on the environment and on people’s health. This has encouraged a number of firms to make investments into innovation and developing treatments that are eco-friendly without adversely impacting performance.

Topical report “Stain protection in textiles and apparel: preserving aesthetics, durability, functionality and sustainability” elaborated by Textiles Intelligence  provides comprehensive information on applications of stain repellent apparel, stain repellent treatments, and advancements in stain protection technologies. The research study delves deep into the market for stain repellent clothing. It pinpoints the characteristics of stain repellent materials, discusses the advantages of stain protection, gives an overview of the methods utilised to attain stain repellency, reviews the materials and technologies utilised for stain protection in fabrics; takes a look at the innovations in the field. Furthermore, the report provides detailed market outlook.

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