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Bishop Report & Connector Industry Yearbook Elaborated by Bishop & Associates Available at MarketPublishers.com

18 Sep 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – How did the industry perform over the past quarter? What is the sales forecast for the rest of the year? What are the quarterly results of public OEMs that buy and/or make use of the majority of connectors worldwide? What are the profit and sales performance of more than 120 firms operating in 13 market sectors that have a bearing on the overall industry? What are the pricing trends in the industry? What are the technology advancements in the industry? 

These and many more questions are discussed in the report “The Bishop Report & Connector Industry Yearbook (Corporate License)” offered by Bishop & Associates.

The annual subscription to The Bishop Report comprises:

  • Monthly themes of The Bishop Report
  • 50-75 Connector Industry News Briefs per annum
  • Access to the BishopReport.com website
  • The Connector Industry Yearbook

A monthly newsletter, The Bishop Report gives an outline of the performance of the electronic connector industry. Each month, the report provides insights into key economic trends in each region and country, a granular analysis of the global electronic equipment markets, tracks key events that have taken placed in the industry, etc.

On a yearly basis, the report analyses the North American, APAC, Japanese, and European electronic connector markets based on region, nation, end-use equipment, and product portfolio. In addition, the study provides granular projections for each of the global connector markets reviewed.

It includes updates on the connector industry’s performance and earning power. Each quarter, it offers information, obtained from proprietary and public sources, on the actual and up-and-coming trends in quarterly and yearly sales and profit results of the public connector firms, etc.

Each subscriber to The Bishop Report receives Connector News Briefs (50 to 75 News Briefs annually) via email, thus gaining access to breaking news events happening in the connector industry worldwide.

The Connector Industry Yearbook is a report that provides a 10‐year history of the financial performance of connector industry. The research establishes benchmarks on major financial measurements, like net income, COGS, return on equity etc.

More publications offered by the publisher can be found at Bishop & Associates page.


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