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Electric Vehicles Market Analysed & Forecast in Topical Research Report by IDTechEx Published at MarketPublishers.com

24 Aug 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Considering new forthcoming 48V mild hybrid vehicles acquire EV operating modes during the next decade, the overall electric vehicle (EV) industry will likely become a market with a value of approximately USD 1 trillion by 2027. 

Globally, the number of gas-only cars and commercial vehicles as of 2012 stood at 84 million units, with China (19 million), the USA (10 million), Japan (10 million), and Germany (6 million) setting the pace.

The majority of land, water and air EVs, such as hybrid and pure electric cars, heavy industrial, bus, micro EV quadricycle, golf cart/caddy, disabled mobility, military, marine, among others, are amid a disruptive period of fast change.

Technology advancements are altogether giving a boost to the industry growth, though, there are still technical hurdles remaining for some cutting-edge technologies. Components are changing as supercapacitors are starting to replace batteries or considerably increase their lifetimes. There are also many novel battery types, new techniques for accumulation and new power electronics.

With cars being a huge business, the industrial and commercial sector is the biggest and most profitable, and it will remain unchanged.

Car sales are forecast to peak during the next 15 years for a number of reasons, and internal combustion (IC) engine is likely to peak, too, but most industrial and commercial vehicles are projected to witness no easing of growth pace, as they are set to power over 65% of the market – more than twofold that of cars. 

Topical research report “Electric Vehicles 2017-2037: Forecasts, Analysis and Opportunities” drawn up by IDTechEx Ltd is aimed at analysing the global market for EVs – land, air and water, hybrid and pure electric.

The study takes a look at all the categories of vehicles and technology options; sheds light on the megatrends affected by, and affecting EV markets; identifies what EVs will likely change the world. It discusses the evolution of EV powertrain. The report focuses on the vehicles themselves, showing the gaps in the market. The study prioritises commercial success factors and presents granular statistics to support informed plans of action. It profiles the top 13 manufacturers of hybrid and pure EVs land, air and water with many well-known names absent and little known names in there comprising 7 companies not in the 13 leading three years ago. The report provides detailed global market forecasts across 46 categories from 2017 to 2027, by number, ex-factory unit value, overall market value; details the top 5 EV value markets 2017-2027; cars 2014-2016 by powertrain and region number K.

More topical reports by our research partner are available at IDTechEx page.


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