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Top 6 Technological Breakthroughs Discussed by MarketLine in Its New Research Study Published at MatrketPublishers.com

04 Jul 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – There are a host of high-potential technologies and ideas from pole to pole, however, their effects are chiefly pipedreams that one never get to see in the flesh. Nevertheless, in the tech universe there is presently a wave of industry sectors that have true potential to alter the world for good and they are expected to be realised over the next ten years. These industries are inextricably connected and serve to boost the capabilities of each other, indicating that the pace of change is expected to shoot up. From artificial intelligence (AI), through the space industry the pace of technology developments during the last several years has been colossal.

These technologies in themselves are poised to be game-changing once we have them, but the main change is set to come when they are functioning together. For example, a world where an advanced AI is able to use a quantum computer to carry out its research is a short distance away.

A host of the globe’s largest companies have invested massively in these emerging technology markets and their longing for innovation, novel products and understanding is pushing these firms forward.

Not all of the adverse effects of this technological progress can be projected and several scenarios of the future can even possibly be negative. There are organisations getting ready for this scenario too, investigating how to control AI for example or developing minimally invasive neurosurgeries to try and make sure that the forthcoming technology breakthrough is a positive one.

New in-demand market research report “The Future of Technology - Six remarkable advances in technology are coming soon and they will change the world forever” elaborated by MarketLine offers an all-round assessment of the 6 major technology domains where fundamental breakthroughs are only a number of years away and what influence they might exert on our world. The study takes a deep look at AI, who the dominant players are as well as what they wish to achieve. The report reviews how driverless technology is sneaking into the global transportation systems and what meaning it has for us. The research publication provides a discussion of the prominent players seeking to create quantum computers and what they need them for. It discussed how factories are changing with automation and robotics; analyses how brain implant technology is beginning to deliver results; as well as sheds light on the space industry and also the imminent competition for a novel market.

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