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World Microcapsules Drug Delivery Market Potential Discussed in New Kuick Research Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

29 Jun 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Microencapsulation has turned out to be an essential tool for the pharma industry over the last several years.

The commercial market for micro-encapsulated products has gathered good momentum and is on the brink of extending their parameters for advanced drug delivery systems (DDS). In fact, advanced drug delivery technologies are extensively undergoing R&D to enhance the delivery of pharma molecules and compounds. The last several decades have witnessed a prominent growth of the field, propelled by a greater number of researchers, venture capital, research funding, as well as an array of start-up firms.

The advancements in the microencapsulation technology are likely to further escalating with their role in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. To date, the regenerative market is led by cell-based therapies and medicinal products, and microcapsules are imbedded into the regenerative medicines. The rise of the microcapsule marketplace is poised to lead to the expansion of the regenerative sector, and vice versa. Furthermore, microcapsules are set to be developed via the diabetic segment as the introduction of bio-artificial pancreas and oral insulin like innovations will be investigating the potential of the diabetes market.

In the offing, the focus is set to placed on the development of microencapsulated DDS’s for the brain that can deliver required amounts of drugs at a controlled rate and in line to the requirements. Some of these are likely to be incorporated with implantable drug delivery devices like microbiochips. In the cancer therapeutic area, microcapsules can potentially be used in cancer treatment owing to their tumour-homing ability and selectivity because of the EPR effect.

New study “Global Microcapsules Drug Delivery Market Opportunity Outlook 2022” created by Kuick Research provides in-depth insights into the different aspects (non-clinical and clinical) in the development and incorporation of microcapsule technologies in the currently existing drug delivery mechanism.

The report provides a detailed characterisation and engineering technology of microcapsules, reviews the applicability of microcapsules in drug delivery. It speculates on the perspectives of microcapsules globally, examines the market dynamics including an analysis of key drivers and challenges. Furthermore, the future indication of microcapsules is also thoroughly discussed in the study.

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