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India Evaporative Air Cooler Industry Sees Constant Development, States Bonafide in Its New Study Available at MarketPublishers.com

29 Jun 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The Indian evaporative air cooler industry is constantly developing with the emergence of novel players alongside existing entrenched companies entering into this space. Some years ago, the air cooler market was chiefly led by the unorganised players as excessive spending on air coolers wasn't deemed to be necessary. Furthermore, these products did not play first fiddle on the priority list of consumers; moreover, the only thing required from an air cooler was superior cooling, which can be achieved even with a simple, low-priced evaporative air cooler.

The scenario of unorganised players predominating the organised ones has eventually changed as of 2016. With the temperature hike occurring every year it is impossible to live in with just an electric fan, hence novel and trendy air coolers are the go-to option. Additionally, the consumer expenditure is gaining traction which has positively impacted people’s lifestyles in India, generating increased demand for evaporative air coolers.

A host of new players have come into the air cooler space like Vego, Voltas, Hindware, Cello, and many more. Cello brought into a novel range of air coolers by leveraging its long background in first-class polymers and plastics.

To date, the air cooler marketplace has a very low rate of penetration in India; still it is observing dramatic growth YoY by volume.

One of the most significant factors that have had a bearing on the national evaporative air cooler market has been the Indian consumer’s value-for-money mindset. With consumers waiting for the best of any budget-priced evaporative air cooler, production in India is helping OEMs curtail their production costs.

New report “India Evaporative Air Cooler Market Outlook, 2022” created by Bonafide Research & Marketing offers a deep analysis of the market on a national scale.

The study gives an analysis of the market globally and specifically focuses on an assessment of the Indian evaporative air cooler market. It provides an all-round analysis of the market based on product segments, residential and industrial, covering market size estimates (by value and volume); market shares (organised) by company, region, tier, air cooler type, price range, and organised versus unorganised. It provides product price and variant analysis, and also includes a channel partner analysis. The report includes India’s economic snapshot, covers an analysis of raw materials and the production scenario, PEST analysis, trade dynamics, key trends and developments. An all-round analysis of the major market drivers and challenges is available, too. The research study profiles the 15 leading market players and examines the overall competitive scenario. Detailed market forecasts are provided through to 2022.

More new reports elaborated by the publisher can be found at Bonafide Research & Marketing page.


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