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Diabetic Gastroparesis Marketplace Analysed by Black Swan Analysis in Its Comprehensive Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

26 Jun 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Gastroparesis is a disorder distinguished by delayed gastric emptying in case of absence of mechanical ileus. There is no official criterion of classification upon diagnosis. Diabetic gastroparesis (DGP) occurs in patients with long-lasting diabetes mellitus typically complicated with retinal degeneration, nervous disease and nephrosis.

The main symptoms of DGP usually include sickness, vomiting, early satiety (ES), bloating, and postprandial fullness (PPF); they can be very troubling and lead to poor quality of living. The disorder is diagnosed by documenting the existence of chronic upper GI symptoms, excluding mechanical ileus, and showing delayed gastric emptying.

The usual therapy for DGP includes dietary modifications, promotility agents, and antiemetics. Although most patients have mild-to-moderate disorder that can be managed utilising these measures, a huge portion of patients are affected by severe DGP that is characterised by malnutrition, inadequate oral ingestion, reduction in weight, and repeated hospitalisations. Optimal treatment of these patients poses a serious challenge for the clinician, though, emerging treatment modalities, like gastric neurostimulation, appears to be encouraging.

Comprehensive research study “Diabetic Gastroparesis Forecast in 12 Major Markets 2017-2027” elaborated by Black Swan Analysis provides the current prevalent population for DGP across 12 leading markets (the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Japan, Brazil, India, China, and Russia), broken down by gender and five-year age cohort. It analyses the current prevalence, contains an overview of the disease covering the risk factors, DGP diagnosis and prognosis in tandem with particular variations geography-wise and based on ethnicity.

The report discusses the main symptoms and co-morbidities of DGP as well as presents the overall prevalence rates. The sub-populations within the disorder are forecasted country-wise over the next 10 years.

Report Topics:

  • Details about the number of DGP patients from pole to pole.
  • Unbiased analysis of the prevalence of the subdivided DGP types and patient segments that hold high potential.
  • Deep insights into clinical research country-wise.
  • Detailed assessment of the impact of specific co-morbid conditions on DGP prevalent population.
  • Insights into sub-populations affected by DGP, which need treatment.
  • Analysis of the certain markets with the majority of DGP patients.

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