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Antibody Drug Conjugates Market Performance Analysed by Kuick Research in Its In-demand Report Available at MarketPublishers.com

06 Jun 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – In the recent past, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) have grew into novel growth frontier for the firms engaged in the R&D of drugs used to treat cancer.

To date, there are 243 ADCs in clinical pipeline for cancer therapy. Most ADCs used to treat cancer are in pre-clinical phase, with research phase clinical studies following after. There are 6 cancer ADCs marketed today.

ADCs have emerged as novel addition to the cancer therapeutic sector, which is already overpopulated and presented by manifold competitors. ADCs are based on monoclonal antibodies (moAbs), which deliver drugs in a very smart manner. Their excellent pharmacological profiles have allowed the pharmacos to commercialise them in an extremely competitive cancer sector.

moAbs have strong hold in the cancer marketplace owing to high therapeutic potency alongside minimised side effects. But, it was found out that pharmacological profiles of currently available moAbs are not likely to be able to offer benefits in the offing as tumour cells develop resistance. However, other advantages like clinical remission, morbidity, life quality, fatality rates and other parameters are modest at their best.

Definitely, moAbs are way superior in comparison to their conventional counterparts, but more improvement is needed to provide therapeutic effects. To overcome such issues, concept of ADCs was developed; currently this concept has been materialised owing to the availability of cutting-edge technology.

Comprehensive market research report “Global Peptide Therapeutics Market & Clinical Trials Insight 2022” created by Kuick Research provides in-depth, comprehensive insights into the various clinical and non-clinical aspects pertaining to the development of the worldwide ADCs sector. The study examines the clinical pipeline of ADCs by company, MoA, indication, formulation and stage. The report canvasses the ADCs and mechanism of cancer ADCs; includes an overview of the word cancer ADCs clinical pipeline; covers the marketed cancer ADCs and offers clinical insights.

More comprehensive market reports by Kuick Research are offered at this page.


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