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Dangerous Issues Faced by Major Cities Worldwide Examined by MarketLine in Its Discounted Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

02 Jun 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – While a number of cities are booming and morphing into megacities, and others produce enormous portions of their countries wealth, they are also, where the largest social, environmental and economic issues are the worst. Some of the biggest problems in the contemporary world are so hazardous they could make a city fail, with many issues being relatively novel with no immediately apparent solution. From economic muddle, population growth, increasing sea levels, corruption and crime and political turmoil, the issues impacting some key cities worldwide are legion.

Rio de Janeiro is suffering from the burden of bankruptcy, corruption which boosted the costs of the Olympics and police lawlessness. All of these are impeding the efforts to recover economically and boost business growth.

Miami sees the worst issues faced by a host of cities in the USA nowadays. Inadequate governance, endemic crime and dramatic inequality have brought up economic and social difficulties which are set to be very hard to rectify.

Political turmoil, extreme cuts to state expenditure and high rates of unemployment makes Greece, and Athens specifically, a major example of a fast decline.

Discounted topical report “Metropolis in turmoil: Examining dangerous issues faced by some of the world’s most important cities” drawn up by MarketLine explores the critical issues faced by a number of the world’s leading nations.

In particular, the study takes a look at the challenges London is being faced with outside of the EU; examines how Delhi is straining under the pressures of enormous population growth; discusses the problems Miami is facing on the back of gang crime issues; analyses Rio de Janeiro’s post-Olympic future; and limelights the economic situation in Athens in the midst of the eurozone crises, crushing debt and public discontent.

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