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Fatty Liver Disease Emerges as Major Global Health Problem, according to Topical Report by GBI Research Available at MarketPublishers.com

23 May 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Today, fatty liver disease (FLD) is recognised as the most common chronic liver disease across the world. The prevalence of FLD has increased remarkably during the past few decades. At present, the global prevalence of FLD stands at around 20-45% in the general population, and nearly 90% in obese people.

FLD is gaining momentum as a major health problem globally. However, still the FLD market is at its infant stage of development, with no FDA-approved drugs and only a few generic drugs approved in non-US markets.

On the back of the enhancing health burden of FLD along with the lack of therapies, there is a strong need to create pharmacological strategies. This is extremely important for patients suffering from steatohepatitis, who are at the high risk of developing liver cancer or cirrhosis, which can cause liver failure. Given the pathophysiological complexity of FLD coupled with its diverse patient pool, various therapeutic agents are needed to be developed to tackle such health problems as inflammation, lipotoxicity and fibrogenesis, which drive FLD progression.

Presently, FLD has an active pipeline. First-in-class products capture a considerable share; that is very promising given the level of unmet needs and lack of approved treatments.

Topical research report “Frontier Pharma: Fatty Liver Disease - High Degree of First-in-Class Innovation, Dominated by Nuclear Receptor-Targeting NASH Products” worked out by GBI Research gives access to a comprehensive appreciation of the current commercial and clinical landscapes of the world’s FLD market. It uncovers important data on the disease etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms, epidemiology, complications and treatments. The study points out the key unmet needs and gaps in the market, discusses innovative pipeline trends, reviews products under development and identifies the most promising ones. Besides, the report covers all the major aspects, touches upon the hottest issues and gives a future outlook.

For other topical studies prepared by the publisher follow to the GBI Research page.


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