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Pulmonary Embolism Market to See Considerable CAGR to 2021, Predicts Daedal Research in Its In-demand Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

15 May 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Pulmonary embolism (PE) is defined as a complication of underlying venous thromboembolism (VTE). There are some risk factors for the condition, including cancer, hypodynamia, obesity, age factor, major surgery, inherited clotting disease, broken hip or leg, etc. The onset of PE is indicated by the respiratory difficulty, abrupt chest pain and coughing up blood. These symptoms are then followed by hissing respiration, flank pain, heart murmur, etc.

Amid a variety of tests done to detect PE, computed tomography pulmonary angiogram (CTPA) takes the lead, followed by ventilation-perfusion (V/Q) lung scanning.

Most typically, it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent PE. Still, the condition is managed primarily through intake of thrombolytics, anticoagulants, vena cava filter and anti-embolism compression stockings.

The worldwide PE diagnostics marketplace is forecast to gather speed at a considerable CAGR through to 2021. The key market growth drivers include a hike in the number of cancer patients, an upsurge in healthcare spending per capita, ageing population, among others. Yet, the prohibition of Technegas (an agent of V/Q scan) in the USA and advent of novel oral anticoagulants could act as challenges to the market growth.

Cyclopharm, Jubilant LifeSciences Limited, Philips, and Siemens are amid the dominant players in the marketplace.

In-demand report “Pulmonary Embolism Diagnostic Market: Size, Trends & Forecasts (2017-2021)” elaborated by Daedal Research provides an all-round, deep analysis of the PE diagnostic market across the developed regions and in the USA, by value and volume (number of patients), by segments, etc.

The research analyses the developed regions like Australia, Canada and Europe based on diagnostics penetration and the USA with an addressable market opportunity for the diagnostics penetration. The study also evaluates key opportunities in the marketplace and limelights the factors that are and will likely be driving the sector’s growth. Growth of the PE diagnostics market is forecast through to 2021, considering the previous growth patterns, drivers as well as the present-day and future trends. Furthermore, top players of the global PE diagnostic market are also profiled with their pertinent business strategies and financials.

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