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Craft Beer Sector Growth Slows Down in the USA, States Euromonitor in Its Insightful Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

15 Mar 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The growth of the craft beer category has started to decelerate rapidly in its leading US market, a potential troubling sign for the ever-surging number of microbreweries in use. Corporate buy-outs and excessive use of the term ‘craft’ are adding to a feeling of unsecurity pertaining to the future of the sector in mature marketplaces. Meantime, consumer’s leaning towards flavourful beers as well as rising importance of the products with heritage and authenticity from pole to pole – opening up opportunities and introducing challenges for microbreweries and the brooder industry.

The growth of the craft beer category in the USA is beginning to slow down. Whilst this is unavoidable to some degree, the severity and speed of the decrease is a warning sign that the primary heavy growth period is likely to be winding down. While craft is not going anywhere, the number of microbrewers in operation seems highly unsustainable.

Whilst the sector growth in the USA decelerates, microbreweries are opening worldwide as interest in craftsmanship in beer is reaching an increasingly larger number of markets, specifically amongst young population. Local elements are adding a new twist to classic styles.

In-demand research report “Craft Beer: Coming of Age or Past Its Prime?” drawn up by Euromonitor offers an up-close look at the size and shape of the market for alcoholic drinks, focusing on the craft beer category. The study provides an overview of the category performance across the globe as well as focuses on the key countries and regions such as the USA, the UK, Spain, Germany, Western Europe, China, India, Vietnam and Brazil. The report pinpoints the main growth sectors and examines the factors impacting the marketplace; takes a shrewd look at the competitive scenario, profiles the market leaders and reviews the top brands by total volume. Identifies key industry trends, threats and opportunities.  Forecast figures showing how the market is likely to evolve are provided, and criteria for success are reviewed in the report.

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